Safe, Effective Hydrocarbon Removal

In our years of experience in the various diesel generator applications, diesel spillage and cleanups have always been a major problem area for customer and power provider alike.

Having used imported products for many years to assist with the removal and rejuvenation of concrete floors, soil, paving and bricks, M Squared has developed its own locally manufactured Bio- Enzyme product to remove hydro carbon from most surfaces.

BioZyme RTU contains a blend of microbes developed to breakdown these oily compounds. Combining the residual effects of patented bio enzymatic technology with patent pending surfactant technology provides a product that is both safe and powerful.

BioZyme RTU sets a new standard for cleaning concrete and other surfaces and is truly unique among cleaning and maintenance products. BioZyme RTU is a safe alternative for effectively cleaning problematic oil stains left by or on cars, trucks and equipment.

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