The Key to Sustainability

Energy storage is the holy grail of renewable energy and it is constantly improving in its efficiency and cost effectiveness. There are many solutions to storage and while the global standard for energy storage is based around a bank of Lead Acid batteries coupled to an inverter and a rectifier to provide AC power. There is a large market swing away from Lead Acids and a move towards more efficient storage cells.

This storage technology, while still relevant, have many drawbacks, have a look at the below link to a comparison chart between the various storage technologies we offer.

Lithium Ion:

Li-Ion is one of the newer, more efficient storage solutions thanks to Elon Musk and his Tesla Powerwall. We can provide a storage solution for the home and the office similar to Tesla solution but at a largely reduced capital outlay

Vanadium RedOx:

In partnership with the Local supplier, M Squared is able to provide cutting edge, German Engineered, Vanadium RedOx Storage Solutions. Vanadium RedOx Technology is seen as the holy grail in the field of energy storage.


By working through a series of everlasting chemical reactions our Storage Cells have an extremely high energy density, unrivalled lifespan (20 Years+), almost unlimited charge cycles (20,000 +) and can be run to a state of 0% Depth of Discharge with no degradation of the Storage Cells.

Sodium Metal Halide:

In partnership with the Local supplier, M Squared is able to provide SMH batteries into the local market as their implementation partner. Sodium-metal halide battery and the cathode structure consists of a conductive Ni network, molten salt electrolyte, metal current collector, carbon felt electrolyte reservoir, and the active sodium-metal halide salts.


These batteries are designed to work in the harshest conditions known to man. They have a 20 Year useful life, are theft and vandalism proof and are ideal for the South African market.

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