A new dawn for BTS Power Requirements

Hybrid Definition:

Something having two kinds of components that produce the same or similar results, such as a vehicle powered by both an electric motor and an internal combustion engine as sources of power for the drive train.

"The popularity of hybrid vehicles has grown tremendously as fuel prices continue to reach record highs."

  • M Squared's Diesel Hybrids are a combination of an extremely efficient diesel engine & Lithium Ion Batteries, combined in to one compact unit to provide permanent site power to any size BTS.

  • The combination of Diesel Engine, Lithium Ion Batteries and large fuel tank, results in incredible efficiency when deploying the hybrid to a BTS Site

  • The Diesel engine is a variable speed unit designed to maximize its fuel efficiency while charging the battery storage units. This enables rapid charging due to the BTS using power from the diesel engine to run the site, while the batteries are being charged to capacity.

  • Once the batteries have reached capacity, the engine switches off and the batteries are used to power the BTS site.

  • On average the BTS will be using battery power 15 Hours per day and the diesel engine 9 Hours a day.

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