Everlasting Energy

Solar power has been around for many years, however during its infancy, solar power proved extremely expensive.

The manufacturing process of Photo Voltaic cells was complex and drove the pricing spectrum of solar to the point of uneconomic efficiencies.


The storage of solar power was also a moot point due to the space, expense and danger associated with storing energy in Lead Acid batteries. They required substantial maintenance, needed to be maintained at the correct temperature and took up large tracts of space per kWhr of storage.

Fortunately the advent of Tesla, the European demand for high quality affordable solar energy and a worldwide switch to renewable energy, battery storage technology has improved in leaps and bounds. The improvement of Lithium Ion battery technology, RedOx storage cells and newer storage technology has allowed large PV systems to be installed thus being able to harness the sun’s energy and store in a large capacity

The payback periods for solar have dropped from 15 Years to approximately 3 Years, depending on the size and scope of the project. M Squared will carry out site inspections, assessments, power plans, solar and storage solutions planning and provide you with project financing options.


We will assist with any project from 1kW to 1000kW.

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